Urlacher, Cutler laugh off Wade story

Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith said the controversy surrounding alleged insults Brian Urlacher made about Jay Cutler is a "non-issue."

The Bears began reporting to training camp on Thursday in Bourbonnais, and Smith opened camp with a news conference. One of the first subjects he was asked about was what Minnesota Vikings receiver Bobby Wade said on a Minneapolis radio station on Wednesday. During that interview, Wade said that while spending last weekend in Las Vegas with Urlacher, the Bears linebacker used a disparaging word in describing Cutler as soft.

"I have talked to the players," Smith said. "Whenever something comes up, you have to address it, but it's a non-issue."

Urlacher and Cutler downplayed the incident and said everything is fine.

"[Urlacher] is the first one I heard it from," Cutler said. "We laughed about it.

"I didn't put any stock into it. I know Brian didn't. I think he was just sorry it even came out like that. Me and Brian have been on a good relationship since I got here, and I expect it to continue that way."

Urlacher said he was misquoted by Wade.

"I saw Bobby at a place somewhere, and I was talking to him, but I never said what I was quoted as saying," Urlacher said. "I have a lot of respect for Jay, and I think Jay knows that.

"There's never been an issue about Jay and I. We have no problems. I'm excited about football starting, and I'm excited to have him as our quarterback."

Smith said it's important for players from all units to get along, and he said there are no chemistry issues on his team.

"These side stories come up every year," Smith said. "You assume something comes up like that. It comes out of nowhere.

"I spent more time right now talking about that story than it deserves. That's no story. We have a season we're getting ready to start. For the last time, there's nothing to that story. If you find something legitimate, come to me then."

Smith said that since Cutler was acquired in a trade with the Denver Broncos on April 2, he's earned the respect of his new teammates by what he's done on the field.

"Every opportunity to become a better player on our team, he's done," Smith said. "We have a great group of veteran players, and we don't have issues on our club."