Cubs' choice of spring home nears

The Chicago Cubs will have an announcement by early January on the location of their next spring training home.

According to Cubs President Crane Kenney, an announcement on either Naples, Fla., or a site yet to be determined in the Mesa, Ariz., area will be chosen as a home.

Kenney confirmed that the Ricketts family spent the early part of last week looking at two sites in the Naples area. Earlier in November, the owners had looked at sites in the Mesa area, including an Indian reservation casino. The Rickets have narrowed it down to the two sites in Naples and a site in east Mesa as well as the Indian reservation casino.

The team can get out of their present contract in Mesa after the 2011 season and could be in their new facility by 2012 or 2013, depending on how construction goes on the new site.

Kenney also said the Cubs are looking into a corporate sponsor that may set up technology that will allow Cubs fans at Wrigley Field to watch instant replays on their personal smart phones.