Brooks: Talking with multiple teams

Derrick Brooks said several teams have expressed interest in his services, including the Chicago Bears, but talks are on hold until next week.

"Multiple teams are very interested," Brooks said on the "Waddle & Silvy" show on ESPN 1000. "The common denominator with all the teams is to get through the weekend and see what the team looks like and revisit it early next week."

Brooks joined ESPN as an analyst, but he joked, "This could be one of the shortest tenures ever."

"We talked about this opportunity here at ESPN a few weeks back, and I told them at that time if that happened, I would take advantage of this opportunity here until something happened concerning football," Brooks added. "I'm just pursuing these media reps while I wait on my football reps."

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said in a Q&A on the team's Web site that Brooks is one of the players the Bears have discussed after the season-ending injury to Brian Urlacher.

Asked about the chances of landing in Chicago, Brooks said: "Don't know. I always say high, just out of optimism.

"My understanding the position they're in and me knowing the personality of Jerry and Lovie [Smith], they really want to evaluate the guys that are there this weekend, give them an opportunity to step in and fulfill the loss of not having Urlacher in. And they're going to take it from there, the evaluation process.

"I'm just grateful to be considered an option. If that's the case, I'll come in and do my best to fill whatever role they need me to fill in order to win."

Brooks, 36, is close friends with Smith and Angelo from their days together with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"[Smith] still thinks I've got some football left in me," Brooks said. "It's obvious they're very high on me to be an option to play on their football team to help their defense.

"At this point, we have things on the back burner."

Brooks, who plays outside linebacker, said filling in for Urlacher in the middle wouldn't be a problem.

"Whatever role they want me to play, we'll get into greater detail about it," Brooks said. "Once I accept that role, I'm there 100 percent. I don't want to be part of something I'm not comfortable with. That's the beauty of playing this [Tampa-2] style of defense. A lot of times you see Lance [Briggs] and Brian right beside each other in the defense, so technically you're in the middle.

"I'll make it comfortable for me, believe me. Coach and I [would] discuss whatever role it is, and if that becomes a viable option ... we'll go through it. And they'll make sure they're just as comfortable as me before we ink a deal."