Lance Briggs confident in Tommie Harris

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs had no idea defensive tackle Tommie Harris was going to be benched until late last week, and he seemed surprised cornerback Zack Bowman was benched after missing a tackle Monday night against the Green Bay Packers.

Both moves were described as "coach's decisions," and Lovie Smith appears to be making the right moves for the undefeated Bears (3-0).

"I had no idea about [Harris' benching] until later on in the week, and that's a coach's decision," Briggs said Tuesday on "The Afternoon Saloon" on ESPN 1000. "To me, the next time Tommie gets an opportunity, he's going to light it up.

"For whatever reason, the coaches wanted to move in that direction or try something different. That's not to say Tommie won't get another shot down the road."

Briggs also believes Bowman will deliver if he gets another shot. Tim Jennings replaced Bowman and played well, sealing the Bears' win by recovering a fumble at the end of the game.

"I went up to [Bowman] and said, 'Don't worry about [missing the tackle],' we'll get it back,' and the next thing you know, Zack's out," Briggs said. "We have a lot of capable players. I don't know why Zack was pulled. That's the coach's decision. If that's what what [Smith] wants to do, that's what we do.

"We continue on playing. Tim did do a great job. And Zack is a great corner, and he'll continue to be so in the league."

Briggs said the Bears, who are the only undefeated team in the NFC, won't have a problem looking past the struggling New York Giants (1-2) on Sunday night.

"You just have to refocus your effort," he said. "If we listen to what everybody says, we'd be 0-3 right now. You have to believe in something, and we believe in what we're doing and who we are.

"That's what got us to where we are now, and that's what is going to get us to the Super Bowl."