Matt Forte: Bears can't regress

Running back Matt Forte said the Chicago Bears were too "comfortable" heading into their Week 4 loss to the New York Giants but they corrected themselves on Sunday with a 23-6 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

The 4-1 Bears, who were 3-0 heading into their Oct. 3 game in New York, were dominated by the Giants in a 17-3 loss that included 10 sacks of Bears quarterbacks.

"I think we just have to revert back to when we were 3-0," Forte said Monday on "The Afternoon Saloon" on ESPN 1000. "I think we got a little too comfortable going into that game in New York and [thought] it was going to be an easy game I guess. We showed up and things didn't go the way we wanted them to.

"We can't revert back to that so it's good we came back this week and had a good game rushing the ball and a great game on defense. We can't get ahead of ourselves. We have to stay focused and get off the plane like that every week."

Forte went a long way in getting the Bears back on the winning track on Sunday, rushing for a career-high 166 yards with two touchdowns. After averaging 11 carries in the previous three games, Forte got 22 carries against the Panthers with starting quarterback Jay Cutler out because of a concussion.

After a breakout rookie season with 1,238 yards rushing in 2008, Forte slumped to 929 yards last season. Although he didn't talk about it last season, Forte later admitted he was playing hurt.

"I never really got healthy the whole year," Forte said. "In OTAs, I tore a hamstring which triggers all kinds of things. Your hamstring kind of stabilizes your knee and then I ended up having a knee injury so I was really kind of banged up all season but I was able to go out there and try to do my best with what I could do."

Forte has rushed for 316 yards with a 4.2-yard average and leads the Bears with 18 receptions for 231 yards and three touchdowns.