Kurt Warner willing to help Jay Cutler

Kurt Warner believes Jay Cutler is the right guy for Mike Martz's system, but after suffering 15 sacks and a concussion in his last six quarters of action, Cutler's ability to stay healthy in Martz's system has become a hot topic.

Warner quarterbacked a St. Louis Rams offense known as "The Greatest Show On Turf" and went to two Super Bowls with Martz, including a victory in Super Bowl XXXIV. Warner knows the system, and he said he'd be willing to help Cutler and the Bears if called.

"I'm always looking to help out younger guys, and if there's any way I can mentor them or give them some direction ... maybe in a situation like this where I'm familiar with the system, I'm familiar with Mike. I understand aspects, [and] I'd always be open to helping Jay out or helping other guys around the league," Warner said Monday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "It's that fine line. It's not that I can go in and cure anything, but sometimes you can understand the communication process, how you think from the quarterback position, and I've reached out a number of times and just said hey I'm available if Jay or other guys in the league want to talk to me.

"As long as I could fit it in my schedule, I'd definitely be open to helping any way I could."

Warner said he hasn't talk to anyone from the Bears, including Cutler, although the two tried to get in touch when Martz joined the Bears prior to this season.

"I think from a talent standpoint, from a skills that you bring and confidence that you bring to the table, I have no question that Jay is the right guy," Warner said. "The hardest thing that I think Jay is going to have to learn, in the passing scheme -- he's so talented physically that he can wait a little longer. He can throw the ball a little bit later because he can get away with it because he has such a strong arm. In this system because you don't have a lot of blockers, the biggest thing is getting the ball out of your hands quickly. Knowing where it has to go ... so even if the guys up front are having problems, you can still get the ball out in a timely fashion and avoid some of those hits that he's been taking the last few weeks."

Warner said Cutler has to do a better job of recognizing the pass-rush pressure.

"The first thing is it starts with the quarterback, and being so aware of what's going on around you," Warner. said. "Mike sends a lot of guys out and puts a lot of pressure on the quarterback to see things, to make adjustments to get the ball out of their hands quickly. And the other thing is the receivers and the back, and the adjustments that have to be made in a system like this, where they have to see different types of pressures, who's coming, know who's not going to be blocked ...

"So there's been a lot of things to it. Because they push the issue so much -- they ask everybody to do a lot of different things. That's where it takes some time to grow into it. You have to have the right kind of players to make all those adjustments. If not, it makes it a lot harder to run that system, because that system is high risk-high reward."

Warner said Bears fans shouldn't press the panic button.

"You guys are still sitting at 4-2, so everybody just relax a little," he said. "You have those games. It takes a little time to jell and get into that offense.

"You might have to make a few adjustments in the meantime."