Jay Cutler instigates Brandon Marshall

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler knew what buttons to push Thursday night against the Miami Dolphins, and he began pushing them before the game.

Cutler knew what it would take to rile up Miami's emotional wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who was Cutler's teammate on the Denver Broncos. And what he said to Marshall before the game appeared to play a role in a 15-yard taunting penalty against Marshall in the second quarter.

"Brandon's one of my good friends," Cutler said Friday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "I just got him fired up before the game. I told him we were going to put someone over the top on him and limit him as much as possible.

"That frustrates him probably more than anything. He's such a competitor, he wants the ball on every play. Whenever teams go out of their way to shut him down, just as a sign of respect, it really gets to him. So I tried to fire him up as much as possible."

With 10 minutes left in the first half and the Bears leading 6-0, Marshall caught a short pass, made a nice move and gained 14 yards to the Dolphins' 40. He was knocked out of bounds at the Bears' sideline, saw Cutler and flipped him the ball. It drew a 15-yard penalty, and Miami had to punt three downs later.

"When he caught that ball, broke the tackle and hit the sideline, I think he was telling me he can still beat [the coverage] anyway," Cutler said.

It was a frustrating game for Marshall, who dropped a couple of passes and injured his hamstring, forcing him to sit out the second half of the Bears' 16-0 shutout.