Tom Brady finds moment of levity

CHICAGO -- While Chicago Bears fans were hoping Sunday's inclement weather would negatively affect Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback actually found a moment of levity at the end of the first half.

Brady couldn't believe what he was seeing when he found Deion Branch on a 59-yard touchdown pass that boosted the Patriots' lead to 33-0 at the half. New England went on to win 36-7 at Soldier Field.

"We kept talking ... before the game, if we had an opportunity and they were in a Cover 2 look, we wanted to try to get [tight end Rob Gronkowski] up the seam, and then the outside receiver up the sideline," Brady said Monday during his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI. "And I looked at the safety [Major Wright], and he was backing straight up. He wasn't wide at all. I kind of looked at him and just gave him a little pump to kind of hold him, and to hold the corner [Charles Tillman] a little bit, and Deion raced by him. And I threw it out there. Deion made a hell of a catch and run.

"I was almost laughing. I couldn't believe it."

Wright, a rookie, had deep responsibility.

"It was me just being flat-footed reading, and me playing off Brady," Wright said. "He looked one way and went the other. Especially with seven seconds left, at the end of the half, I need to get a little deeper.

"It's just me. I got to get back and get there. That's it."

According to ESPNBoston.com, Branch said the sideline was yelling for Brady to take a knee and let the half run out. But Brady had other ideas, and he had the last laugh.