Brian Urlacher respects Seahawks

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher -- not surprisingly -- was pulling for the archrival Green Bay Packers to lose their wild-card game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

"I was pulling for Philly, wanted to see Green Bay knocked out," Urlacher said Sunday on WFLD-TV.

And Urlacher was quick to point out it wasn't because the Bears are worried about possibly facing the Packers in the NFC Championship Game. The Bears and Packers split the season series.

"No, they don't worry us, we beat them," Urlacher said. "We beat them at [Soldier Field]. They're playing well right now, but so are we. Nobody worries us. The only team that can beat us is ourselves."

The Bears host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday in a divisional-round matchup. The Seahawks overcame double-digit odds in beating the defending champion New Orleans Saints on Saturday.

"I don't know why everyone calls it an upset," Urlacher said. "They played at home, won the NFC West. They're a good team. Anytime you go on the road in the playoffs, it's tough to win.

"I've played in Seattle before -- tough place to play."

Seattle beat the Bears 23-20 on Oct. 17 at Soldier Field, but the Bears still are favored by 10 points.

"They had us off balance all day, ran the ball well, threw well, converted on third downs," Urlacher said. "We didn't get pressure.

"It was our fifth game of the season. I think we've gotten better since then, and I'm sure they have, too. We get them at home, which we like."

Urlacher respects the play of Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

"He's a veteran, knows our defense," Urlacher said. "He knows where to go with ball, knows our coverage.

"Anybody who knows where to go with the football worries me, and he knows where to go with the football. Have to get takeaways, like we've been doing the past few weeks."