Brian Urlacher: Hall game unlikely

Mike Martz might think the Chicago Bears could be ready to play the Hall of Fame game on a day's notice, but linebacker Brian Urlacher doesn't believe the team will be able to play on the scheduled date of Aug. 7.

"I think the Hall of Fame game is a no-go even if we get it done today," Urlacher told ESPN's George Smith, referring to the NFLPA possibly approving a new collective bargaining agreement Thursday.

A Bears official told ESPN that the team is still planning to play the game against the St. Louis Rams but "everything is so fluid," it's just not clear what will happen yet. The official said it's not up to the team whether to play. The league decides, and the Bears are doing their best to prepare.

But Urlacher doesn't understand how everything can get done before that date.

"We still have to have time for free agency and all that stuff," he said.

The Bears are scheduled to open training camp Friday, if the league and players can agree to a new deal.

The NFL owners have been told by the league to be prepared to vote on the new collective bargaining agreement between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET, multiple sources told ESPN.com senior writer John Clayton.

A week ago, Martz, the Bears' offensive coordinator, told The Associated Press that short notice to play would not be ideal, but good enough.

Two weeks ago, Hall of Fame president Steve Perry said everything was still on track to host the game, the first of the NFL preseason schedule.

"We're making all plans to have the game on time. We've heard from both parties -- the owners and the players -- and they've expressed their desire to have the game. So, that's our plan," Perry told ESPN at the time.

Information from ESPN reporter George Smith, ESPN national correspondent Sal Paolantonio and The Associated Press was used in this report.