Lance Briggs sees disconnect

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs said players and management are not seeing eye to eye on many issues, and that the contractual disputes involving a couple of players are taking focus away from performing on the field.

Briggs had requested a new deal or a trade during the preseason. Matt Forte also wants a new deal, and Chris Harris recently requested a trade after being benched during Sunday night's win over the Minnesota Vikings.

"I don't necessarily know about where we are right now," Briggs said on Comcast SportsNet Chicago. "In the past, things have just worked themselves out.

"I think there's a big transition going on right now in Chicago . . . I don't know where it's going to go and how it's going to pan out. For a guy, especially for a guy like Matt Forte, who is well deserved of a new deal, I'd like to see that happen for him and for everybody, but it's not going to happen for everyone."

Briggs said the situations have become a distraction.

"I think it takes away from wanting to just go out on the field and just play," he said. "Football careers are not like normal careers. It's very short. It can end on any given day. For guys like us, it literally is a league about what have you done for me lately, and it's also about getting what you can while you can."