Peterson plans to call Derrick Rose

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson said Wednesday he plans to call Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose in the next few days to see how his rehab from ACL surgery is progressing.

"It's funny you bring that up because I was planning on calling him today or tomorrow, D-Rose," Peterson told Chicago media in advance of the Vikings' game at Soldier Field on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. "I just got his contact (information) this weekend, just to talk to him a little bit and see how things are going with him and to answer any questions he has for me."

The two met for the first time on the set of a video game commercial, but that was before Rose tore his ACL on April 28. He had surgery on May 12, and the prognosis was for him to miss 8-12 months. He has recently begun cutting on his knee.

Peterson tore his ACL on Christmas Eve last year, but he has returned as powerful as ever, leading the NFL with 1,128 rushing yards.

"It depends on the questions he has, but the one (piece) of advice I can give him is have your mind set on what you want to accomplish and go after it," Peterson said. "After four months ... the (knee ligaments) are there, it's stable, it's strong ... don't back down anything. Because I know around that time my knee was still a little sore too but the ligament was strong and almost stronger than the right side, so you can't be scared to challenge it and do different things thinking you are going to damage it."

The Bulls have said they will not let Rose return until he is 100 percent.

Rose has said Peterson's return inspired him.

"It's shocking that I inspire him because of the time it took for me to recover from my injury," Peterson told ESPN Chicago's Melissa Isaacson on Nov. 9. "When we met that day in Houston, he was getting ready to head out, and I was on the set and he came over and asked 'Do you mind if I get your autograph?' He wanted me to sign the back of his phone.

"I don't always understand the position I'm in. But me looking at Derrick Rose, who's a superstar and he's asking me for an autograph, that's pretty cool."

Peterson said he believes Rose shares his mentality.

"To know how hard he works and how determined he is, we have the same warrior spirit in how we play the game," he told Isaacson. "He's one of those guys when you're counting the guys who are all in, he's all in."

Peterson saw the replay of Rose's injury, which happened after a simple jump-stop in the lane.

"I remember seeing it and man, you don't want your fellow athlete going through something like that, but it's motivating, too, to think about him now," he said. "He's a good person, very respectful, and just knowing his spirit and his work ethic, I know he's going to come back better than before.

"It's funny, I haven't talked to him since that last time I saw him, but I just feel it and I can sit here and say I know he's going to come back better than he was before."

ESPNChicago.com's Jeff Dickerson contributed to this story.