Patrick Kane still can't locate puck

CHICAGO -- Three months later, and Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane still doesn't know what happened to the puck he shot to score the Stanley Cup-winning goal.

Kane beat Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Michael Leighton in overtime on June 9 to earn the Blackhawks their first Stanley Cup championship in 49 years. There was a delayed reaction to the goal since almost no one in the building saw the puck go in. During and after the confusion, the puck was taken.

"I don't know where the puck is," Kane said Friday as the Hawks assembled for training camp. "I know Harry Caray's [restaurant] offered some big money [$50,000] for it. I think people were coming up left and right with fake pucks."

Kane may not know where the puck is, but he has his suspicions.

"I'm not sure. My guess is either [Ben] Eager or [Patrick] Sharp has it, but Sharpie won't admit it, and neither will Eags. That's my guess."

Eager was traded to the Atlanta Thrashers during the offseason.

Jesse Rogers covers the Blackhawks for Espn 1000 and ESPNChicago.com.