Quenneville fined $25K for gesture

ST. LOUIS -- Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville apologized Friday for his behavior on the bench during the second overtime of Thursday night's Game 1 of a Western Conference first-round series against the St. Louis Blues.

The officials were meeting to discuss whether the Blues should be called for delay of game after the puck was sent out of play at 6:51 of the second overtime. A penalty would have given the Blackhawks a 5-on-3 advantage for 36 seconds.

Quenneville was seen on camera gesturing to the officials that the puck went over the glass. When the call went against the Blackhawks, Quenneville appeared to grab his groin area and yell something at the officials.

"I was definitely excited," Quenneville said Friday. "Disappointed [in] the call, but I'll apologize for my behavior. It wasn't appropriate at all. It was a bush-league move on my part."

After a review of the Quenneville's actions, he was fined $25,000 by the NHL.

Asked Saturday about the fine, Quenneville replied, "I can't complain. It was a stupid move on my part."

Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp said he saw a highlight of Quenneville and thought it was an example of his coach's competitive spirit on the bench.

"Joel's a passionate coach, and he's intense on the bench," Sharp said. "We certainly feel that as players. I think sometimes he wants to get his skates on and go out there and play with us. He's got a fire behind the bench that really filters through the team and makes us play that much better."

The Blues won, 4-3, when Alexander Steen scored 26 seconds into the third overtime.