Chicago Blackhawks Year in Review

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Bryan Bickell

Photograph By Rob Grabowski/USA TODAY Sports

Grade: B+

Regular season: 9 goals, 14 assists, 23 points, plus-12

Postseason: 9 goals, 8 assists, 17 points, plus-17

Bickell's regular-season production was similar to that of his 2010-11 season. He was a solid contributor and added to the team's depth. But what Bickell did in the 2013 playoffs was unlike anything he's done in his career. Bickell was a playoff superstar. He matched his regular-season total of nine goals and also had eight assists. He was tied for second in the league in playoff goals and finished fifth in points. He was also battling a knee injury in the Stanley Cup finals. He is hitting the free-agent market at the perfect time. -- What grade would you give him?