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Saturday, February 2
Hall of Famers remembered
By Joe Lago

Dave Casper, Dan Hampton, Jim Kelly, John Stallworth and the late George Allen became the newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. So, we asked our panel of ESPN experts which inductee evoked the fondest memories.

Of which new Hall of Famer do you have the fondest memories?

Andrea Kremer
Jim Kelly
I was the ESPN person who had to cover the Bills for four straight years in the Super Bowl, which meant four straight losses, which meant four straight years of interviewing Kelly in the loser's locker room. I remember the first year, which was the worst because it was Scott Norwood's "Wide Right." I remember asking, year after year, asking, "How much worse was it than last year?" To his credit, Jim always handled everything with dignity. I could only imagine the heartbreak he was experiencing. It's ironic that my fondest memory is a sad memory. But I also covered four straight AFC championship games, which they won. Those were some of the happier times I can remember Kelly experiencing, and I would prefer to dwell on that.

Sean Salisbury
Dave Casper
I grew up an Oakland Raider fan. I have a vivid memories of Casper and Kenny Stabler, and Casper on the "Holy Roller," and the great Raiders-Steelers rivalry of the '70s. Visions of Casper are among my earliest football memories. He is one of the best tight ends I ever saw and is one of the great players who ever lined up at the position.

Stuart Scott
Dave Casper
When I was a little kid, Casper was my favorite tight end. I loved the whole Notre Dame thing. As a teenager, it was Kellen Winslow, but as a kid, definitely Casper. I loved the way he caught the ball in his hands. I had an electric football set, and the guy in the crouch was No. 87.

Mike Tirico
Jim Kelly
Mostly because I got to know him personally from working with him. Though those Bills are known as the guys who lost four Super Bowls in a row, I remember them with a great deal of respect. Even when they were beaten, embarrassed and told they they'd never do it, they came back the same team and tried the same way. They didnít get it done, but they came back. A lot of Super Bowl champs donít even make the playoffs the following year. Those Bills won four AFC title games in a row, and Jim led that offense.

Ed Werder
Dave Casper
I remember Casper kicking the ball down the field in the "Holy Roller" against the Chargers. It was a very illegal play, and youíve got to love those. Any play that evokes a rule change is a great play. That kind of deception is the best.

Trey Wingo
John Stallworth
Lynn Swann got all the attention, but I always thought Stallworth was the better receiver. I'll never forget the 73-yard catch he made in Super Bowl XIV against the Rams. Stallworth was perfectly covered, and Terry Bradshaw just split the defense with the go-ahead touchdown in the Steelers' 31-19 victory, it was a perfect throw and a perfect catch in a perfect situation. Stallworth dominated that game.