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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Five teams to remember
By Bob Carter
Special to ESPN Classic

1. Chicago Bears, 1986 (XX): The Bears, led by a punishing defense, dominated in the regular season and in the playoffs. They outscored opponents 456-198 in a 15-1 season, tarnished only by a loss at Miami. Chicago shut out the Giants and the Rams in reaching the Super Bowl, then routed New England 46-10 for the title. Defensive Richard Dent was the game MVP, and the Bears limited the Patriots to seven yards rushing.

2. Miami Dolphins, 1973 (VII): The Dolphins became the only unbeaten Super Bowl champion after going 14-0 during the regular season. After two narrow wins in the AFC playoffs, the Dolphins traveled to Los Angeles face Washington in the Super Bowl. They then played a near-perfect defensive game -- the Redskins' only points came on a fumble return late in the fourth quarter -- in winning 14-7. Bob Griese threw a first-quarter touchdown pass to Howard Twilley and safety Jake Scott was the game's MVP with two interceptions.

3. San Francisco 49ers, 1990 (XXIV): The Niners, buoyed by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, outscored opponents 442-253 during a 14-2 regular season. They then swept to the NFC title with 41-13 and 30-3 routs. The Super Bowl turned into much the same, a 55-10 win over Denver in which game MVP Montana threw for five touchdowns. The 49ers gained their fourth Super Bowl victory and set a scoring record.

4. Green Bay Packers, 1967 (I). Nine Hall of Famers played for this fabled team, which won 12 of 14 games in the regular season and upheld NFL pride by winning the first Super Bowl against the AFL. The sharp passing of game MVP Bart Starr, who threw two touchdowns to Max McGee, lifted the Pack to a 35-10 win over Kansas City.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1979 (XIII): Sparked by a league-leading defense, the Steelers went 14-2 in the regular season and scored two lopsided wins in the NFC playoffs. They became the first team to win three Super Bowls when they held off Dallas 35-31, with game MVP Terry Bradshaw throwing four touchdown passes.

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