Ranking college football coaching jobs 1 through 129

It's no surprise that Nick Saban and Alabama is No. 1 and Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes are No. 2 in our rankings, but where some Group of 5 teams place -- and which Power 5 programs they are ahead of -- might surprise you. Getty Images, USA TODAY Sports

First, you devoured the Power 5 coaching job rankings in five helpings. Then, you gorged on the Group of 5 rankings. Stuffed? Better not be. We're blending it all together.

Today's menu features every FBS job, ranked 1 through 129 (UAB, while not competing right now, is included). We took the Power 5 countdown (see: Nos. 65-56, Nos. 55-46, Nos. 45-31, Nos. 30-16 and Nos. 16-1) and the Group of 5 list, which includes 64 jobs, and determined which Group of 5 programs belong ahead of Power 5 jobs.

The methodology hasn't changed. We took the following question -- If every FBS job in America opened today, which would be the most desirable and least desirable? -- and considered several factors to compile the master list. Criteria included location and access to talent, facilities, financial backing, administrative stability, community/booster support, recent and historic performance, and ability to win the league.

We took into account input that coaches, agents, administrators and our ESPN colleagues gave for the initial rankings.

While recognizing the gulf between the Power 5 and Group of 5 -- largely financial but also in fan support, historic performance and other areas -- there are Group of 5 jobs better than those in the Power 5. It's why coaches like Tom Herman and Scott Frost, who likely could have gone from Power 5 coordinators to Power 5 head coaches, took jobs at Houston and UCF, respectively.

We identified 12 Group of 5 jobs that are better than at least one Power 5 job. Three G5 jobs rank in the revised top 50, and five others rank in the revised top 65. Here's a refresher as to why the top Power 5 jobs ended up where they are, followed by the full rundown.

Bon appétit.