College Football Power Rankings - Week 16

Updated: December 7, 2014, 6:14 PM ET

Three teams -- Alabama, Oregon and Florida State -- seem safe.

That's how it appears both in terms of the real committee and our 12-person panel. For the fourth spot, who knows what the College Football Playoff committee will actually do. But for our experts, Ohio State's 59-0 trouncing of Wisconsin was enough for them to jump into the coveted fourth spot.

Baylor's win over Kansas State yesterday -- plus its head-to-head triumph over TCU -- was enough for the Bears to take the fifth spot, but that will be small consolation if this is the way the real rankings play out.

Until then, here's how the top 25 shape up, according to ESPN:

Overall | Voters 1-4 | Voters 5-8 | Voters 9-12 | Voter 13

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