Longest Rush Leaders - All Players

1Terry Baggett, RBARMY14111137.9968
2James White, RBWIS22114446.59313
3Daniel Jenkins, RBARIZ654116.3911
 Brandin Byrd, RBUNT20210755.39111
 Michael Gordon, RBARST1127546.79110
6Jalen Whitlow, QBUK1074574.3886
7Brett Hundley, QBUCLA1607484.78611
 Henry Josey, RBMIZZ17411666.78616
 Zurlon Tipton, RBCMU743985.4868
10Kapri Bibbs, RBCSU28117416.28531
11Aaron Jones, RBUTEP1558115.2814
12Marcus Shaw, RBUSF1567654.9803
 George Atkinson III, RBND935556.0803
 Andre Williams, RBBC35521776.18018
 Jhurell Pressley, RBUNM292739.4806
 Lache Seastrunk, RBBAY15811777.48011
 Melvin Gordon, RBWIS20616097.88012
 Derrick Henry, RBALA3638210.6803
 Larry Dixon, RBARMY1117056.4806
20Javorius Allen, RBUSC1357855.87914
 Fredi Knighten, QBARST553446.3795
 Shaquille Murray-Lawrence, RBUNLV474188.9792
 Tedder Easton, RBWYO453116.9795
24Anthony LaCoste, RBAFA1358906.6786
25Dominique Brown, RBLOU1638255.1778
 Trey Edmunds, RBVT1666754.17710
 Chris Nutall, RBTXST834775.7776
 Horactio Banks, RBBALL955956.3777
 Hosey Williams, RBCIN1156555.7774
 DeVontae McNeal, RBULM292057.1772
31Brennan Clay, RBOKLA1759575.5766
 Chris Mangus, RBVT261415.4761
 Charles Sims, RBWVU20810955.37611
34Corey Grant, RBAUB666479.8756
 Jonathan Williams, RBARK1509006.0754
 Todd Gurley, RBUGA1659896.07510
 Tevin Coleman, RBIND1319587.37512
 Jeff Scott, RBMISS674937.4752
 Corey Clement, RBWIS675478.2757
 Kevin Grooms, RBMRSH915035.5756
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