Georgia Tech plans to appeal

Georgia Tech has notified the NCAA of its plans to appeal the decision made by the Committee on Infractions announced earlier this month.

Georgia Tech was required to notify the NCAA of its intent to appeal by July 28. The specific grounds of the appeal are still under consideration, but the university has 30 days to file a written appeal.

Georgia Tech is facing stiff sanctions, including the vacation of its 2009 ACC football championship, a fine of $100,000 and four years' probation as part of several sanctions imposed by the NCAA for failure to cooperate in an investigation.

According to the NCAA, Georgia Tech staff members provided information to a football player regarding the scope of his upcoming interview with the NCAA, and the staff did not declare another athlete ineligible after "being made aware of information that raised serious questions about his eligibility."

The NCAA alleged a student-athlete received several items of clothing, valued at approximately $312, from a friend of a sports agency employee. Rather than declaring the student-athlete ineligible, Georgia Tech allowed him to compete in the three final contests of the 2009-10 football season, including the conference championship game and bowl game.

Heather Dinich is a college football writer for ESPN.com.