ADs think football playoff 'inevitable'

NEW YORK -- Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby says the plus-one model in college football is "inevitable."

A panel of ADs at the Intercollegiate Athletics Forum on Wednesday voiced opposition for a large playoff in football's top tier but agreed that a four-team format seemed likely down the road.

Washington's Scott Woodward says he supports the plus-one model and believes it will "eventually" happen.

The panel also included Kansas State's John Currie, UCLA's Dan Guerrero and Syracuse's Daryl Gross.

Currie said he doesn't mind the idea of bowls choosing schools based on criteria other than the standings -- except for the fact that the squads in the title game are selected purely by ranking.

Kansas State didn't earn a berth in the most BCS bowls this season even though it ranked three and five spots better, respectively, in the BCS standings than two at-large teams, Virginia Tech and Michigan.

"If we're going to have other games that are defined as the best because they're part of that system, then we probably ought to have a little bit better connect to what those rankings actually are," Currie said Wednesday after appearing on a panel at the Intercollegiate Athletics Forum. "So either have them and use them, or just don't have them. I would be fine if we did away with the thing."

Currie happens to like using the standings to determine a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup for the title game. He just suggests that be the only game filled through the BCS system, with all the other bowls picking whoever they prefer as in the old days.

Kansas State, ranked eighth in the BCS standings, is in the Cotton Bowl against No. 6 Arkansas, another school left out but for different reasons: the limit of two teams from any conference.

NCAA President Mark Emmert told reporters after appearing on an earlier panel that he expected changes soon in the BCS automatic qualifier rules after the recent conference realignment.

ESPN executive vice president John Skipper says his network has been happy with the BCS games it televises but "the fan discontent concerns us a bit."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.