Debating McGary and Morris

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Well hello, college basketball season. It has been a while. And good to see you, final stretch of the football season.

With a disappointing loss to Iowa, Michigan football is all but out of the race for a spot in the first Big Ten championship game next month in Indianapolis -- though surprises happen, as Northwestern showed this weekend in Nebraska.

And last week was a big week for Michigan basketball. With the commitment of Mitch McGary, the No. 2 prospect in the country, and the Wolverines' exhibition game win, Ann Arbor is abuzz with basketball.

With that in mind, WolverineNation takes your questions. Remember, the 'Bag is only as good as the questions you ask, so tweet them away to @wolverinenation or email at jenningsespn@gmail.com. Mailbags run on Wednesdays, and we always look forward to hearing from you, our readers.

Evan, Ohio: Who is the bigger commit for Michigan athletics? Mitch McGary to Michigan basketball or Shane Morris to Michigan football? Who means more to their respective programs?

A: I'm going to have to go with McGary on this one for a few reasons.

1) Numbers. On a team of 12-14, with five on the court, it's much easier to be an immediate impact player than on a team of 115, with 22 on the field (I can do math, I'm just saying offensively and defensively).

2) Timing. McGary had the nation watching him as he picked among Michigan, Duke and Florida a week before signing day. That's about as down-to-the-wire as you can get. Morris, on the other hand, committed two years early when his only interest was coming from smaller schools. He didn't have a Mike Krzyzewski chasing after him quite yet. Though, if he would've waited, I'm sure that Bama, LSU and Auburn would've made trips up to Warren to recruit him.

3) Location. Morris is a Michigan kid. His family lives 30 minutes from the school, and even though he didn't grow up a huge Wolverines fan, he did eventually like the homer attitude. McGary is an Indiana native out of New Hampshire. He's in prep school and not living with his parents, so as far as him being more comfortable at Duke or Florida, that seems reasonable.

4) Situation. Michigan football has had a few disappointing seasons, but it's a storied program. Michigan basketball? Not so much. The national championships are on the radar, but it's not the dominant theme when people talk about the program. Morris is a program builder for Michigan football. McGary is a program changer for Michigan basketball.

Cody Schember: Is it premature to say that due to Shoelace's recent performances and incompetence of late that he should be benched? It seems that Al Borges wants to use Gardner, since he keeps getting playing time in passing situations. Why doesn't he just make the switch and get a head start on the pro-style system instead of waiting until Shoelace leaves?

A: I think you can say whatever you'd like and no one will tell you it's premature. But as to Borges and Hoke benching Denard Robinson, not a chance. Borges might want to use Gardner, but I would say that we're only going to see him in the "2" package or if Robinson is injured. The coaching staff is extremely confident in Robinson's passing game, and I don't see them pulling him anytime soon. Take the final series against Iowa. Michigan is down by eight and runs four pass plays. And all four come from Robinson. If there were a time that Borges and Hoke would've wanted Gardner, that might have been it, but they stayed with Robinson. I don't see the coaching staff switching to a true pro-style system until the 2013 season.

Isaiah Hole, Los Angeles: What's your favorite Disney movie?

A: Honestly, I'm more curious about Brady Hoke or John Beilein or Red Berenson's favorite Disney movie, but I thank you for your curiosity. I had jokingly tweeted that you could ask questions about Disney movies if you didn't have any Michigan sports questions. And, not surprisingly, I got several emails about that, including yours. So, if you were curious, here are your WolverineNation writers' favorite Disney movies: I picked "Toy Story" (and, yes, I cried during "Toy Story 3"), mainly because it was a staple of my childhood. Tom went with "The Mighty Ducks" after realizing that "The Goonies" and "The Santa Clause" didn't count. And Mike picked "The Lion King" after going through the ever-important internal debate of Disney vs. Pixar vs. Disney Pixar movie.

Chantel Jennings covers University of Michigan sports for WolverineNation. She can be reached at jenningsespn@gmail.com or on Twitter at @chanteljennings.