OU is Fiesta bound with Bedlam win

NORMAN, Okla. -- With only one game left on the schedule, Oklahoma's bowl outlook remains fluid among the Fiesta, Cotton and Alamo bowls.

If the Sooners win Bedlam this weekend, they will head to the Fiesta for the fourth time in six years and face quarterback Andrew Luck and Stanford in a rematch of the 2009 Sun Bowl, which the Sooners won, 31-27.

If OU loses to Oklahoma State, the Sooners likely would go to the Cotton or Alamo. OU hasn't been to the Cotton Bowl since the '01 season. The Sooners have never played in the Alamo.

If Kansas State defeats Iowa State this weekend and doesn't secure a BCS at-large berth, the pressure would be on the Cotton to take the Wildcats over the Sooners, even though OU's national brand would generate better TV ratings.

K-State lost head-to-head to the Sooners, but the Wildcats would have a better record and probably a better ranking in the BCS, in the event OU lost Bedlam. K-State historically travels well and could potentially have the national coach of the year in Bill Snyder. What's more, bowls often consider how a team is playing at the end of the season. By beating the Cyclones, K-State would end the year with three straight wins; With a Bedlam loss, OU would have lost two of three.

The Alamo Bowl, however, fully intends to grab the Sooners if available with the third pick in the Big 12 bowl pecking order, even if Baylor also winds up with a 9-3 record that includes a head-to-head victory over the Sooners. The Alamo has been waiting for years to snag the Sooners, and Alamo officials believe OU fans would travel well to San Antonio, considering the warmer climate and drivable distance from Oklahoma.

In the Alamo, OU could face UCLA, which won the Pac-12 South Division despite a 6-6 overall record.

UCLA, heavy underdogs to Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game, technically would be ineligible for a bowl with a 6-7 record. The Bruins, however, could apply for a waiver for a bowl, and they would get it since the Pac-12 doesn't have enough bowl eligible teams to fill out its allotment. But if UCLA chose not to apply for a waiver then the Alamo would select Washington.

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