Report: Griffin views the China trip as a positive experience


The Los Angeles Clippers leave for China on Wednesday and during the trip they will play two games against the Charlotte Hornets. While some in the Clippers organization may not want to make the trip, Blake Griffin is focusing on the positives of the experience. From Dan Woike of The Orange County Register:

    "If Doc Rivers had his way, the team probably wouldn’t be going. ... Griffin, who laughed when he was asked whether or not he’d choose to go across the world in the preseason, said the team has to focus on the positives. 'There are pros and cons,' he said. 'That much time spent together could be good for your team, but then you’re also missing out on hours and days of structured practices. But at the same time, you fly over there, you have to practice, you have to lock in. And if you can go through all that with all those distractions, sometimes you can come out on the positive side. But we have to be the ones to make that happen.' It won’t be easy, though. There’s a long flight to contend with. Then there’s a full itinerary. And there’s no real time to get adjusted to the new surroundings. It’s exhausting enough seeing the schedule written out. 'We’ll see. I mean, schedule-wise, it looks like it,' Griffin said."

The Clippers are currently running with a strong bench, so Rivers will be able to limit the minutes of all his players during the trip, which should keep them relatively fresh when they return home.