Giants Twitter mailbag Part I: How about a trade up?


Five days until the draft, and things are starting to clear up a bit... but only a bit. There are still a number of ways the New York Giants can go at No. 9, and we'll explore some of them here via the questions you tagged with #nygmail on Twitter this week.

@DanGrazianoESPN: I think the Giants have plenty of picks. And while I agree with the characterization of them as a rebuilding team, I don't think they need to be as volume-conscious as they had to be last year. Four of the seven players they drafted in 2014 started multiple games for them as rookies, and it seems likely that a fifth -- Nat Berhe -- could start for them this year as well. That's amazing, and while on the merits it could turn out to be the best draft Jerry Reese has ever had, the opportunity for multiple guys to start right away speaks to how hollowed-out the roster was a year ago. The Giants' problems are far from fixed, but they don't have as many glaring holes to fill as they did when last year's draft rolled around.

For that reason, yes, I believe the Giants should stay on their toes if a defensive difference-maker such as Leonard Williams or Dante Fowler Jr. slips past the top four or five. Trading up for a player like that makes sense, as long as the price is reasonable, and my information indicates that the Giants are thinking about it. The issue is that Williams looks like Oakland's top choice at No. 4 and Fowler looks like Washington's top choice at No. 5. So it's unlikely the Giants could offer either of those teams enough to convince them to pass on the player they love and move all the way down to No. 9. But drafts are unpredictable, as we are reminded every year at this time. And while it's a long shot, the Giants are right to be doing their work on Williams, Fowler and what it might take to get them.

@DanGrazianoESPN: Washington's Danny Shelton is definitely someone at whom the Giants have looked, but I think the only way they go there is if they trade down (which they never do), because there are concerns about spending a pick this high on a defensive player who might not be able to play all three downs. The most likely scenario, to me, is an offensive lineman at No. 9 -- either Brandon Scherff or Ereck Flowers -- or wide receiver Amari Cooper if he drops to that spot. But if Reese decides to get more creative than he has in the past and moves down in the round, I think Shelton comes into play.

@DanGrazianoESPN: I'm not assuming the Giants pick Scherff at No. 9 even if he's on the board. But for the sake of answering your question, let's assume they pick an offensive lineman in the first round. I believe, in that scenario, that their second-round and third-round picks would have to be defensive players. That's still the side of the ball on which they need the most help, and I believe that's the side on which they would focus if they went offense on Thursday. So look for at least one defensive back, possibly two, or maybe a project pass-rusher on Friday if Thursday night's pick turns out to play offensive line.

More tomorrow!