Top 250 fantasy players for 2016

I'll be busy the next two days attending some preseason planning meetings for our baseball coverage, so you won't see much here at the blog. In the meantime, check out Tristan Cockcroft's top 250 fantasy players. His top 10:

1. Mike Trout

2. Paul Goldschmidt

3. Bryce Harper

4. Clayton Kershaw

5. Josh Donaldson

6. Giancarlo Stanton

7. Manny Machado

8. Andrew McCutchen

9. Nolan Arenado

10. Carlos Correa

Nothing surprising there. You want to quibble Goldschmidt over Harper? I'm guessing the advantage there comes from stolen bases: Goldschmidt had 21 in 2015 compared to just six for Harper. I could see moving Correa up a couple spots: Power, average and 20 stolen bases or so from a shortstop? Thank you very much.