Finalist: James' Third Base

James' Third Base
1079 Reading Road
Mason, OH

Submitted by chewythehuff

About the bar (from official website) : Both sports bar and casual restaurant, James' Third Base combines the best of both into a different kind of neighborhood gathering place, where friends and family can gather to grab a bite, watch the game, or just enjoy a beer together in a lively atmosphere. It's a sports fan's dream. With TVs everywhere - there's not a bad seat in the house. At any moment, cheers may erupt or friendly banter between tables. Everyone gets involved, even the super-sociable JTB's staff. It's friends having friends over for a great time, with a menu of reasonably priced meals in healthy portions - perfect for sharing. Because sharing the good times with friends is what JTB's is all about.

James' Third Base has all the standard trappings of a great bar happily intact, from ample quantities of beers to choose from to sports-drenched TVs to downright dangerous drink specials to live bands. To top it all off, we offer free wireless Internet access, allowing the multi-taskers of the world to drink and work all at the same time. Yes –James' Third Base is a pretty awesome hangout.

chewythehuff's nomination: It's a great local bar owned locally and run locally. The people that run this place know every that comes in by name and they know what y'all want. The food is top of line . The name comes from there son who loved sports. He died in a car crash his JR or Senior year in high school and the place is decaded to his memory.
The place at first glance looks small but then you walk through this hole in the wall and find man heaven with 4 pool tables and like 5 or 6 video games and TVs lining every wall so no matter we're y'all in the place there's a TV in sigh line. I really can't say enough great things about this bar. I love the place and I'm sure if y'all check it out you will too.