Hearty hello, and good bye for Cowboys

In an effort to head off my constant complaining and unsolicited advice, the editors of ESPNDallas.com have agreed to let me write a weekly column. I fully expect them to post this column next to the "contact us" area of the Web site, but that's good with me.

Many years ago, at a publication that shall remain nameless lest I give you a reason to leave this space, I wrote "humor" columns that hit on many fascinating topics, such as fraternity life at Baylor and remarkable things my chocolate Lab, Trooper, did in an unstructured environment.

My current day job as an NFC East blogger for ESPN.com requires me to focus mainly on the rib injuries to Donovan McNabb and Roy Williams. That's why I'm pleased to introduce to you my soon-to-be-award-winning column, Matt Mosley's Obstructed View. Each Tuesday, I'll provide quick takes on several topics regarding the local sports scene. Please follow along. I feel like we're embarking on a very important journey together:

Phillips celebrates bye week by giving Cowboys another week off: I'm not sure the Cowboys could've had a better bye week. They sat on their couches while the Eagles, Redskins and Giants went out and lost. If only the Cowboys could skip more Sundays.

For now, they're tied with the Eagles in second place with a 3-2 record. Quarterback Tony Romo spent the weekend being inducted into the Eastern Illinois Hall of Fame and getting the key to the city of Charleston, Ill. Romo went with his signature look -- a Starter cap turned backward and a topcoat -- while accepting the key from the mayor. Later, several business owners were seen changing their locks.

For those of you who don't know, Eastern Illinois is the school that produced acting greats John Malkovich and Joan Allen. On Sunday, the Panthers were so inspired that they knocked off longtime nemesis Tennessee Tech, 23-15.

Coach Wade Phillips celebrated the bye week "win" by taking his wife to the opera and recording positive thoughts in his journal. Unfortunately, the Cowboys have to host the Falcons next Sunday. Atlanta has one of the best young quarterbacks in the league and a highly effective running game. They also have an owner who wears a smoking jacket to games and sports a John Waters mustache. Arthur Blank looks as though he should own a ballroom dance studio, but give the man credit for hiring indomitable head coach Mike Smith to help turn the organization around.

Final thought on the Falcons: Would they be in this position if they'd hired Jason Garrett? I'll let you guys answer that question.

Is this really Mark Cuban's best Mavs team? Cuban has been a frequent guest on "Galloway & Company" recently, and he keeps telling us that this is his best team since becoming owner 10 years ago. I love the addition of Shawn Marion, but I don't know how anyone can accurately predict how good this team will be. First off, you're dealing with injuries to Josh Howard, Tim Thomas and Marion. The Mavs got off to a dreadful start last season -- and it's not as though they open with several puff pastries. I don't think this team can simply flip the switch and be a winning team early in the season.

Each year we're told that the wildly overrated Jason Kidd will make it easier on the other players. And if nine points and seven assists is your dream player, Kidd's your guy. On a somewhat related note, why does Kidd have such a fear of shooting point-blank layups?

I once caught the yips during the pregame layup line against Wilmer-Hutchins (in 1991), but it was something that quickly passed. I'm worried that something happened to Kidd that causes him to dribble all the way to the rim and then fire a 90-mph no-look pass to an unsuspecting Erick Dampier. You hate to see a 7-foot man trembling like a small woodland creature in a public forum. As my esteemed colleague Randy Galloway would say, it's not a manly look.

Would someone like to take a shot on goal? I don't pretend to be a hockey expert until the playoffs. But for goodness sakes, how do you let the Kings outshoot you 18-4 in the second period? I know the Stars played three games in four days, but the Kings were finishing up a six-game road trip -- and they looked tired in the first period. Then they squeezed off three goals in the second period.

I don't have a good feel for this Stars team at all right now. Marc Crawford has them playing hard for the most part, but I'm afraid there's too much age on this team. It's nice to have some experience, but you better have some young guys coming on strong. I have no clue whether this is a playoff team. And I hate that they're not winning games at home.

The Stars have to defend the AAC -- even though all the restaurants are gone.

Matt Mosley writes weekly on the Dallas-Fort Worth sports scene for ESPNDallas.com.