Jimmy Walker's Colonial diary: Day 4

FORT WORTH, Texas -- PGA Tour golfer Jimmy Walker has volunteered to chat with us each day about his round, the Fort Worth scene and his life in general. Playing in the first pairing of the day Saturday, Walker shot a 1-over 71 and is level par for three rounds.
His thoughts:

Q: What did you think of your round today?

JW: It was bittersweet. Coming off the finish on Friday to make the cut, I really wanted to play well and move up. Shooting 1-over when the course isn't playing difficult, I'm not going to make up that much ground.

Q: What area of the game let you down?

JW: I didn't make putts when I had chances. It was frustrating because I had it right around the hole several times.

Q: How is it going off first?

JW: It's nice because you can set your own pace. The Tour wants you to play fast and set a good pace. We never saw the guys behind us today. The danger is maybe playing too fast, but that wasn't an issue today.

Q: How did Friday night go after making the cut?

JW: It was almost 10 last night before I left the course because of the late finish. I had a nice dinner at Ruth's Chris with some wine, came back to the hotel and went to bed at 11. My wakeup call was at 5:30 this morning.

Q: Your back problem, how is it today?

JW: I felt fine. Not as good as Friday, but better than it has been. I would have liked to have a little more time to rest my back, but I'm just happy to be playing today. It is a lot better than missing the cut and sleeping in.

Q: You finished a couple of hours before the leaders teed off. How will you spend the rest of your day?

JW: I'm going to have lunch, then I'll practice for about an hour. I'll probably work on my putting. I think I need to make a few short putts so I can see the ball go in the hole. My dad came up today so we'll spend time together this afternoon. And I just got a call from my wife. She's at a horse show in Tyler and she'll be arriving here today or tonight. We've got a little one that goes to sleep at 7:30, so we won't be out for too long. I'll have an early tee time on Sunday, but it won't be as early as today.

Q: How does Sunday shape up?

JW: To make a bigger check, now I'll need to shoot 6 or 7 under.

Randy Jennings covers golf for ESPNDallas.com.