Josh Hamilton experiences pain

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton said Tuesday that he felt some pain in his rib cage as he took the final two swings in a batting cage session on Tuesday.

"It was a spasm, we backed off," Hamilton said.

He does not expect to swing a bat Wednesday, but didn't rule out doing some other things depending on how he felt. Hamilton didn't even try to put a timetable on when he might return.

Hamilton has three bruised ribs and says it still bothers him when he breathes heavily. He said he arrived at the park feeling better Tuesday.

The slugger said he's been spending two hours a day in a hyperbaric chamber and that he feels good while he's in there.

"If only I could play with that thing," Hamilton joked.

He said that if it's determined he can't hurt himself any more by playing, he might look into deadening the nerve around the area and playing through it. But that's a last resort at this point.

This was the first time Hamilton has done any sort of baseball activity since he slammed into the wall in Minnesota on Sept. 5, more than a week ago. He added that it gives him a baseline for the pain and he can see if future activities are better or worse than what he experienced Tuesday.

Richard Durrett is a reporter for ESPNDallas.com.