Q&A with Texas A&M's Von Miller

Even a few days later, the feeling has to be pretty high after the win over Oklahoma.

Von Miller: It still feels good, but it's one day and it's time to take another step.

Talk about the defensive performance and what you guys were able to do on the field Saturday night.

Miller: We knew going into Saturday that they were going to be a very tough team. We prepared extremely hard throughout the week. We were ready for what we were going to see. They were an extremely talented team, but I think we had a great week of preparation.

What was going through your mind on the field after the win? I noticed that tears were streaming down your face and I know that the reason why you decided to return for your senior year was for moments like the one on Saturday night.

Miller: It really didn't hit me until after the game, when I was walking over to the student section and I heard Cyrus Gray [talking to me]. I'm still feeling it right now, and the feeling still overcomes me. I've played in a lot of games with [DeSoto High School teammates] Cyrus Gray, Tony Jerod-Eddie and Garrick Williams, and there were a lot of games that got away from us. We lost a lot of big games, and it felt good to win this game. Out of all of the years that we've played football together; all of the speeches and emotions that we've had from previous coaches and Coach Sherman; all of the work that we've put in together; all of the sweat, the losses and just the pain of the past ... to overcome that and beat a highly ranked team on Kyle Field during my senior year feels pretty good.

What does it mean to you that the fans are starting to acknowledge that the "Wrecking Crew" is back?

Miller: It means that we're playing really good defense right now, but I still think we're a long way away from being anything like the first Wrecking Crew. It feels good to finally get the recognition of the Aggie Nation. For them to dub us with that name is better than anything. We just have to keep doing what we've been doing. We can't call ourselves the Wrecking Crew unless we play like it, and that's up to the Aggie Nation to decide. We just need to keep playing well.

How special is it to you, individually, that you are now being mentioned as one of the all-time defenders in Texas A&M history?

Miller: I really can't see past today's practice or the Baylor game. We have to go out there and work. It feels good to finally have some success, after working so hard. I'm not going to stop and I'm not going to ... look back until after the season is all said and done. It feels good to get these wins and to be with my teammates every day. The locker room, the personalities that I work with every day and all of the guys I sweat with every day are the reasons why I came back for my senior year. I love those guys to death, and I came back to win big games with them like we did on Saturday.

How great was your determination in the fourth quarter of the OU game, fighting through severe cramps to make sure that A&M held on to the victory?

Miller: I've been telling all the young guys that it's not about the biggest dog, or the nastiest dog. It's about the dog that is willing to fight to the death. I remember talking to [freshman wide receiver] Nate Askew, who's going to be a great wide receiver for us, during Wednesday's practice and telling him to never quit. No one will be able to beat you if you're willing to fight to the death. I think that's the mentality that we had going into this game. I know they're not willing to fight to the death, so if we're willing to die for it then we will win. We just kept fighting and kept swinging.

How important is it to keep an even keel this week and to validate the OU win with a win over Baylor?

Miller: The motivation for us is the feeling that we had in the locker room after the game on Saturday. I think that's the ultimate motivation for us all because we want that feeling again. We want to be two times better, and that starts this weekend. We just have to keep on pushing.

Finally, how good is Robert Griffin and what is the key to stopping Baylor on Saturday?

Miller: R-GIII is the man. I remember going against him my sophomore year and I like to think I'm a fast guy, myself, but there was one play that I was running as fast as I could and thought I had an angle on him, but he just took off. I was a track guy back in high school, but he's in the upper-echelon, as far as speed is concerned. He's not only dangerous running the ball, but he can throw it too. That makes him a very dangerous player, and we really have to prepare for this guy.