DeLoss Dodds, Chris Plonsky get deals

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas has agreed to new contracts for men's athletic director DeLoss Dodds and women's AD Chris Plonsky.

Dodds is receiving a four-year extension that will expire Aug. 31, 2015, and pay him a base salary of $700,000 plus incentives. His current base salary is $627,000.

The school announced the deals late Friday.

Dodds also will get a $1 million annuity on Aug. 31, 2014. After his contract expires, Texas will pay him $100,000 a year through 2020 for serving in "another capacity."

Plonsky's contract was extended two years through 2017, with a base salary of $268,848 plus another $90,000 for work with the men's program, plus incentives.

The contracts are expected to be signed next week.