Romo putting in work to get better

DALLAS -- The quarterback just finished doing what quarterbacks do in the offseason: playing golf.

After Tony Romo and playing partner Mark Walker finished second in the Adams Golf Pro-Scratch championship at the Lakewood Country Club on Tuesday, the Cowboys' quarterback said there is still room for improvement.

He wasn't talking about his golf game.

Last season, Romo threw for a career-high 4,483 yards with 26 touchdowns. And perhaps most important, he threw a career-low nine interceptions.

Yet, Romo knows he can get better and is working on different things in the offseason to do that.

"I have to sacrifice certain days because I'm trying things," he said. "It's a trial-and-error aspect. I have to get out there and get under the fire and do certain things to figure out if stuff is going to hold up when the games start. It's part of the offseason process that you don't see every day."

Romo worked on protecting the ball more in the pocket and reading defenses better last year. This season he's working on developing a chemistry with wide receiver Roy Williams.

In two seasons, Williams has caught just seven touchdown passes from Romo. He has 54 catches for 756 yards.

Getting Williams and Romo on the same page is an important part of the process for the Cowboys in 2010. Williams wants a bigger role in the offense and was irked by having only one play called for him in the playoff loss to the Minnesota Vikings last year.

"You don't luck your way into having some of the seasons he had," Romo said of Williams' pre-Dallas production. "You don't just accidentally fall into being a good wide receiver. He had to work to get to that point and he's doing a great job right now [of] being committed and being [at Valley Ranch] all the time and working hard."

Is progress being made?

"Throwing with him lately, it's been as good as we've ever been lately," Romo said. "That's exciting I think. As we continue to grow and continue to go forward hopefully it will get better and better, and I expect him to have a real good year next year."

The offseason program has been a contentious topic this offseason for the Cowboys. While Williams was at Valley Ranch working out, there was another wide receiver missing.

Miles Austin, who emerged as the Cowboys' best receiving option with a team-high 1,320 yards and 11 touchdowns in a Pro Bowl season, missed nearly two weeks of the voluntary offseason program. Romo said it was just a business decision.

Austin, who is hoping to get a long-term contract, was one of several restricted free agents around the league to miss time at voluntary workouts.

Austin worked out in California during the time he missed. Still, it's important for Romo to connect with him in games, and it all starts in the offseason.

"We knew everybody was going to be in," Romo said. "We talked to everybody. We got the right kind of players and right kind of people in right now, so we know what everyone brings. To be a part of the Cowboys, you have to be committed to the approach and to want to win and get better every year, and we have a lot of guys like that right now, and that gives us a chance."

A chance to win a Super Bowl?

Romo isn't saying. Even after the Cowboys won the NFC East last year for the second time in his career and he went to his third Pro Bowl, he knows more work needs to be done.

"You have to be careful. It's not always about the final step, it's the process," Romo said. "The enjoyable part is if you can accomplish your goals that you set one day. But it's enjoyable to improve and get better and be the type of player and team that you can be."

Calvin Watkins covers the Cowboys for ESPNDallas.com. You can follow him on Twitter or leave a question for his weekly mailbag.