Tony Romo's arm better after rest

SAN ANTONIO -- The soreness that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo experienced in his right arm over the weekend isn't a concern after a couple of days of rest.

After Romo complained of a tired arm, the Cowboys limited his workload on Sunday, including giving veterans the morning practice off. Romo threw only five passes during Monday's practice, which focused on short-yardage and goal-line situations.

Romo threw the ball with his normal velocity during Tuesday morning's practice, firing several bullets during two-minute and red zone drills.

"It's coming along," Romo said. "I think it definitely was a little bit well rested after the last couple of days because I minimized the throws.

"For me, it's not an elbow thing, where some quarterbacks [experience pain] who have a little different stroke when they throw the ball. They use a little more elbow, so I think they get a pain. Mine, it's just soreness in the shoulder. I'm more of a shoulder thrower. It can go away pretty quickly if I just rest I just give it some rest. I figure in another day or two it'll be back to normal."

After Romo misfired high on three passes early in Tuesday's practice, he worked off to the side. He said he had to find the proper release point. He was sharp the remainder of practice, which was highlighted by a touch pass to Miles Austin on a fade route for a touchdown and a fastball to Roy Williams' back shoulder for a score on another fade.

"You've got to get into that rhythm and understand, and I think as you rush the arm, you lose the little time," Romo said. "That's why you have to go these practices and these reps to get that. Once we got it back, I think we were pretty good the rest of the day and had a pretty good practice."

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