Josh Brent's bond in jeopardy

Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent will attend a hearing on Friday morning to determine if he violated the conditions of his bond.

According to the Dallas County District Attorney's office, Brent's alcohol-monitoring device detected alcohol in his system.

Debbie Denmon, a district attorney office spokesperson, said the office is seeking to have Brent's $100,000 bond revoked because he is not meeting the conditions of his release.

Brent is schedule to appear in front of Dallas State District Judge Robert Burns at 9 a.m. CT Friday.

According to a source, Brent did not use any alcoholic beverages. Brent's attorneys were trying to determine how alcohol got into his system. The source said it may have happened by using mouthwash or eating a particular kind of food.

Brent is awaiting trial on charges of intoxication manslaughter in the death of Cowboys practice squad player and Brent's best friend, Jerry Brown.

Brown was killed on Dec. 8 in Irving, Texas, when Brent crashed his car after a night of drinking. Brown was a passenger in the car.

According to the conditions of his bond, Brent was ordered to wear an alcohol-monitoring device, which detects whether he has been drinking.

The source said the device has gone off several times.