Modano: 'It's totally up to me'

Mike Modano met with Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland and coach Mike Babcock on Tuesday and must now decide if he wants to play.

"It's totally up to me," said Modano, 40, who was told by the Dallas Stars last month that they were moving forward without him. "We talked about my situation, what it would be, how I would fit in and the logistics of it all. It was good. We talked about playing at home and having a chance to go deep in the playoffs. I have to figure out what I want to do still. They haven't pressured me into making a decision. But I know the sooner the better for everybody so they can get their financial situation resolved and figured out."

Modano said he still doesn't know what he wants to do and will take a few more days to sort it out. He said he wasn't sure what other teams may call, but at this point "it seems like Detroit or retirement, but we'll see."

"It's pretty enticing when you go through this sort of thing," Modano said. "The whole scenario and picture that's painted is intriguing. You look at their four lines and they are stout no matter who you play with. Everyone is interchangeable."

Holland made it clear he was interested in Modano judging by his comments to the Detroit media on Tuesday.

"Here's our thought process: This is a Hall of Fame player. This is Mike Modano," Holland told the paper. "He's a local player and we think he's got some good hockey left in him. He would give our team a real boost if he wants to play.

"Now we think he'd come home and be really pumped up for a year. But if he doesn't want to play, if the energy is not there, then we'll see. But Mike Babcock and I believe he will make the decision to play for all the right reasons."

Modano said his role would probably be as the third-line center and a player on the second power play unit. It's believed he'd make around $1 million to keep the Red Wings under the cap and to allow them the flexibility to sign some remaining players.

Modano said he toured Detroit, seeing where some of the players lived. He also had a long lunch with Holland and Babcock and stopped by his parents' home.

"They'd love to see it happen, but they're not pressing in any way," Modano said.

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