Buy, sell or hold: Are Dallas Cowboys worth it?

Updated: September 8, 2010, 12:05 PM ET
By Calvin Watkins |

Which Cowboys will be worth the money that owner Jerry Jones is going to pay them in total compensation this season? ESPN Dallas' Calvin Watkins has his opinion on what stocks he's buying (outperforming their contract), selling (underperforming) or holding (let's wait and see).

So, what's your opinion of the players on the Cowboys' 53-man roster? Are they worth the paychecks that they're cashing?


Roy Williams, WR

Salary: $12.95M
Watkins: Lack of production makes it hard to justify. Sell.

Tony Romo,

Salary: $8.5M
Watkins: Will move into elite status with more playoff wins. Buy.

Marion Barber, RB

Salary: $7.86M
Watkins: Has never rushed for 1,000 yards in a season. Sell.

Leonard Davis, G

Salary: $5M
Watkins: Has reached the Pro Bowl every year he's been here. Hold.

Miles Austin, WR

Salary: $3.168M
Watkins: He's awaiting a new deal, but it will come later. Buy.

Andre Gurode,

Salary: $3M
Watkins: Longest-tenured OL needs to have better season. Sell.

Kyle Kosier,

Salary: $2.99M
Watkins: A steady force on the line entering a contract year. Buy.

Dez Bryant,

Salary: $2.84M
Watkins: The rookie has high hopes for the year. Buy.

Alex Barron,

Salary: $2.73M
Watkins: He's a swing tackle who is reliable. Hold.

Jason Witten,

Salary: $2.64M
Watkins: Any reason why this man shouldn't get a raise? Buy.

Marc Colombo,

Salary: $2.14M
Watkins: Vet has injuries coming into season. Hold.

Jon Kitna, QB

Salary: $2M
Watkins: Didn't play a snap last year and doesn't want to this year. Hold.

Sam Hurd,

Salary: $1.759M
Watkins: Valued for his strong play on special teams. Buy.

Montrae Holland, G

Salary: $1.254M
Watkins: A backup guard the team values. Hold.

Deon Anderson, FB

Salary: $1.101M
Watkins: The starting fullback is solid. Hold.

Felix Jones,

Salary: $877,500
Watkins: Dynamic player, if he can stay healthy. Buy.

Doug Free,

Salary: $550,000
Watkins: Has to prove he can play during contract year. Hold.

Martellus Bennett, TE

Salary: $470,000
Watkins: Will get more chances to prove himself. Hold.

Tashard Choice, RB

Salary: $470,000
Watkins: Seeks more playing time and might get it. Buy.

Sam Young,

Salary: $430,500
Watkins: Improved during camp but still needs work. Hold.

Robert Brewster, T

Salary: $395,000
Watkins: Impressed the coaches in the summer. Buy.

Stephen McGee, QB

Salary: $395,000
Watkins: A good showing in final preseason game. Hold.

Kevin Ogletree, WR

Salary: $395,000
Watkins: Plenty of potential but is inconsistent. Hold.

Phil Costa,

Salary: $332,000
Watkins: Won the backup center job and has a future. Buy.

Chris Gronkowski, FB

Salary: $330,000
Watkins: Earned a spot by getting better every day. Buy.


Newman, CB

Salary: $9M
Watkins: A good corner, but not an elite corner. Hold.

DeMarcus Ware, LB

Salary: $7.8M
Watkins: He's one of the best pass-rushers in the game. Buy.

Bradie James,

Salary: $2.95M
Watkins: He's the heart and soul of the defense. Buy.

Igor Olshansky,

Salary: $2.56M
Watkins: For what he does, this guy is a bargain. Buy.

Jay Ratliff,

Salary: $2.105M
Watkins: After the new CBA is done, he'll get a new deal. Buy.

Keith Brooking,

Salary: $2M
Watkins: One of the leaders and looks stronger this year. Buy.

Sensabaugh, S

Salary: $1.815M
Watkins: Solid player who wants a new contract. Hold.

Stephen Bowen,

Salary: $1.759M
Watkins: A solid backup who can only get better. Buy.

Jason Hatcher,

Salary: $1.759M
Watkins: Is good vs. the pass, needs work vs. the run. Buy.

Sean Lee,

Salary: $1.52M
Watkins: Has a bright future and could start next year. Buy.

Marcus Spears,

Salary: $1.226M
Watkins: Deserves more respect in the organization. Buy.

Mike Jenkins,

Salary: $789,000
Watkins: He enters his third year looking for another Pro Bowl. Buy.

Owusu-Ansah, S

Salary: $789,000
Watkins: Is going to play corner and return kicks. Buy.

Anthony Spencer, OLB

Salary: $741,000
Watkins: An excellent pass-rusher who just gets better. Buy.

Alan Ball,

Salary: $545,000
Watkins: Full-time starter has to make more plays on the ball. Hold.

Leon Williams,

Salary: $545,000
Watkins: Could help on special teams, some def. packages. Hold.

Orlando Scandrick, CB

Salary: $470,000
Watkins: Strong slot corner who is getting better. Buy.

Victor Butler,

Salary: $395,000
Watkins: Made the team with a strong preseason. Hold.

Jason Williams,

Salary: $395,000
Watkins: Has underachieved since he's been here. Sell.

Michael Hamlin,

Salary: $395,000
Watkins: Is a backup but younger players coming up. Sell.

Sean Lissemore,

Salary: $368,600
Watkins: Somehow made roster. Not sure he'll be here long. Sell.

Josh Brent,

Salary: $367,550
Watkins: Proved he could play in camp and in games. Hold.

Danny McCray,

Salary: $325,000
Watkins: Good special-teamer. Needs work on defense. Hold.

Brandon Williams, OLB

Salary: $320,000
Watkins: Needs to pick up his game to have a future. Hold.

Barry Church,

Salary: $320,000
Watkins: Had a strong camp but must do more. Hold.


Mat McBriar,

Salary: $1.55M
Watkins: One of NFL's best players at his position. Buy.

L.P. Ladouceur,

Salary: $635,000
Watkins: A quality deep snapper that doesn't worry you. Buy.

David Buehler,

Salary: $395,000
Watkins: Won job in camp. Now must do it in games. Buy.

Calvin Watkins joined in September 2009. He's covered the Cowboys since 2006 and also has covered colleges, boxing and high school sports.