ESPN Street Team - Brian Crabtree

Updated: April 16, 2012, 6:30 PM ET

  • Name -- Brian Crabtree

  • What are your favorite sports and teams? -- My favorite sports are football (college and pro), basketball, and baseball. My favorite team is the Arkansas Razorbacks -- Go Hogs! -- followed by the Los Angeles Lakers and the Detroit Lions.

  • Why do you enjoy working for ESPN Dallas? -- I'm very lucky to work for ESPN Dallas because I work in one of the top sports markets in the world and I really enjoy talking Dallas sports with our listeners who are such loyal fans.

  • What is your favorite moment from working in promotions for ESPN Dallas? -- My favorite moment from working in promotions would have to be Lunch With a Legend featuring Nolan Ryan, being able to listen to Nolan's stories from his time as a player and owner was a great experience.