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Bush could be the new MJ


May 1, 2006

I watched some of the NFL draft this weekend, seeing where Mr. Bush, Mr. Young and Mr. Leinart would end up.

Let me tell you something my friends, these players are so over-evaluated, it just blows my minds.

Do you really need all that time to determine where some of these guys should be drafted? Give me a break. Bush is a sexy pick, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be a superstar in New Orleans. The city gets a shot in the arm the it needed after all it has gone through. I feel the USC running back could become the Michael Jordan of the NFL.

I know some people are already comparing Mario Williams of the Texans with Sam Bowie, who was picked before Jordan in the NBA draft and did not pan out due to injuries.

There is going to be so much pressure on Williams in Houston because he was selected number one instead of Bush. Fair or unfair, that is part of being a future pro athlete.

I think the bottom line is the draft has gotten ridiculous in the way players are measured, poked and prodded. Are we evaluating for the Olympics? We talked about 40-yard dash times, their lateral movement, vertical leap, etc. It is all about playing football and Matt Leinart has been a winner, going 37-2 as a Trojan. I think Denny Green and the Arizona Cardinals got a major break with Leinart sliding down to the 10th slot in the first round.

Now the Cardinals have a future start at quarterback in Leinart, two great receivers in Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, plus a superstar running back in recent addition Edgerrin James.

I really believe Leinart will make some people eat their words.

See, I love all sports, baby! I love baseball, college football, the NFL

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