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Providence great Jimmy Walker dies at 63

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• It was his first major win of the year, but Tiger Woods showed again why he is one of the greatest of all time in the golf world. Look at the amazing performance in round two of the PGA Championship. He shot a seven-under-par 63, barely missing a putt on 18 that spun out, or he would have set a major tournament mark with a 62. He was simply sensational and you can't get much better. He tied the likes of Gary Player, Nick Faldo and Greg Norman. This weekend, Tiger was simply being Tiger.

• Barry Bonds made history by breaking Hank Aaron's home run record. His shot off of Nationals' pitcher Mike Bacsik Jr. made a young man named Matt Murphy very happy. Murphy ended up with the ball from home run number 756. It is going to be worth of lots of cash, my friends. Bonds kept going since last Monday's historic blast, adding to his total. The question is will he ultimately reach 3000 hits? You can take that to the bank, my friends. With all of the discussion of steroid issues, let's remember this guy was a Hall of Famer long before that debate came into play. He had three MVPs prior to the finger-pointing came his way.

• Speaking about finger pointing, what about Chipper Jones and his recent remarks. He made headlines that Alex Rodriguez would face all kinds of questions as he gets closer and closer to Bonds' record. I don't see anything controversial about his statement at all. It is the truth because there will be those posing questions. The integrity of the game has been tampered with already, but with all the steroid conversation, there have been a number of players implicated already and some have come forward admitting they used enhancements. In my opinion, I would be totally shocked if A. Rod every used performance enhancing drugs. As for Jose Canseco and his remarks that he has something on this situation, I feel it is a matter of trying to sell books. Let's face reality …if he had something on A. Rod, wouldn't have have just released it in his first book, Juiced? He is coming up with generalizations, calling him a phony.

• How hot are the Yankees? Let's remember that this team was 21-29 at one point and it looked like Joe Torre's team was going nowhere. Now this lineup doesn't have an easy out and the way they are playing, they could make a serious run at winning the AL East. The sweep of Cleveland really sent a message and the Bronx Bombers have the look of a team that will be tough to beat come playoff time.

• The comeback of Rick Ankiel is truly an amazing story. He went from a wild pitcher to a slugger. He hit a home run in his return to the majors, a truly storybook performance. Then he added a pair of dingers against the Dodgers on Saturday. Tony LaRussa has to be happy with Ankiel.

• What a week for Novak Djokovic in Montreal. First he beat Andy Roddick, then Rafael Nadal and finally Roger Federer to win the championship. Now Djokovic has to be considered a threat at the U.S. Open.

• It is preseason time in the NFL, but let's be honest. They call it preseason but I call it rip-off time. The NFL charges full price to watch a bunch of guys playing in something similar to a controlled scrimmage. The stars play a series or two but it costs the fan the same as a regular-season contest. I am a sucker too; I paid for my Bucs season tickets and that included the preseason. My friends, I gave those tickets away to friends because I do not feel these games have any meaning. It hurts a fan's approach to the game. There is no way they should have four preseason games; two can get the job done, tell the coaches who should play. It is simply a way for the NFL to make dollars, dollars, dollars and the public gets ripped off.

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