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Billy Ball!


Down in SEC country, BillyBall is going wild!

I'm not talking about Billy Donovan and the Gators right now, I am referring to Billy Gillispie and the Kentucky Wildcats, baby! Gillespie has Wildcat fans going wild! I was recently sitting at the Broken Egg in Lakewood Ranch, Florida and a pair of big blue fans came up to me, singing the praises of Gillespie's recruiting ability.

They can feel the excitement and enthusiasm. He has done everything right since he arrived in Lexington. Gillespie has gone all over the state, telling the fans of his grand plan for success. He has shown an incredible desire to recruit the creme de la creme, the best of the best.

Gillispie made a solid move by adding former Illinois assistant coach Tracy Webster to his staff. Webster, a former Wisconsin player, will provide some recruiting prowess in the midwest. Remember, he has a powerful program with great tradition and fan base to sell. I'm talking about one of the elite programs, a Rolls Roycer with an amazing practice facility worth a reported $30 million.

I remember when it first opened and I received a tour. I believe people would want to sleep there, it is that beautiful! I was blown away!

By the way, all Kentucky fans should remember what Tubby Smith meant to that program. Don't forget about the national championship, the 25-win seasons or the fact this team competed at the highest level year after year. He did a phenomenal job, but sometimes a change is good for everyone.

Tubby Smith is now at Minnesota, where he is creating excitement. Gillispie did an outstanding job at Texas A&M, and he has such passion and love for the sport. He eats, drinks and sleeps basketball, yet he found time to find a 12,000-foot square house! I can't wait to see that!

Gillispie has already brought in Patrick Patterson and Alex Legion to join up with a solid returning nucleus that includes the likes of Joe Crawford, Ramel Bradley and Jodie Meeks.

There should be a lot of happy people in Lexington. I can't wait for Billy vs. Billy in the SEC ... that's right, Donovan vs. Gillispie and I will be there courtside as the game is on ESPN, baby! I have goosebumps already thinking of that!

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