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What I don't like about the Finals


June 16, 2008

I am a big basketball fan, whether it is college, high school, the pros...

I do have a few thoughts on the NBA Finals. David Stern does an amazing job as commissioner of the NBA and there is no better person at marketing his sport. I know it has been a rough stretch with the Tim Donaghy situation.

I do not like the current 2-3-2 format for the Finals. I think makes it very difficult for a team that loses the first two games on the road. Then you have to win three straight to have a legitimate chance at winning the title and that is a very difficult chore. Also, a team down 2-0 has to win four of the last five games, and in the championship round against the creme de la creme that is a huge challenge.

A team holds serve to go up 2-0 and you are in trouble.

I know the 2-2-1-1-1 means more travel for the teams and the media, but I think it is a more reasonable and fair format.

I also do not like the late start times of the games on the East Coast. It is too late. It is ridiculous that the little kid, the fan who is the future ticket-holder, cannot stay up to watch the games on TV.

I have my five-year old grandsons wearing Lakers and Celtics jerseys and they are so enthusiastic about the Finals. Unfortunately they have to learn what happened by watching SportsCenter and highlights on the news instead of following the action.

It is an absolute joke that we take the games away from the kids and put it into the hands of the corporate people, the millionaires. Hey, even some of them can't stay up and watch because they have work the next day.

I remember years ago when World Series games and NBA Finals match-ups were played earlier and even on an afternoon schedule on some of the weekends. Maybe Stern can look into giving fans a break, especially the young ones. There is a generation that is missing out on something special.

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