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Dick's Draft Thoughts


When I look at the NBA draft, there are a few story lines that jump out at me.

Obviously one is the fact that several players will make contributions out of the gate. People like Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley and O.J. Mayo will be factors from day one. You will see the next tier of players getting a chance to perform right away too. There is some quality depth in this draft.

I also see a lot of big guys with a world of potential. I look at LSU's Anthony Randolph, Ohio State's Kosta Koufos, Nevada's JaVale McGee, DeAndre Jordan of Texas A&M and California's DeVon Hardin and they will be picked based on that word -- potential. Whether they become good players at the next level or not, only time will tell.

Another story line that pops out at me is the number of players that were one and done, the freshmen. People in the NBA and NCAA should sit down and analyze it because this is a joke. It is absurd when you look at the top of the draft with Rose, Beasley, Mayo, Kevin Love and Jerryd Bayless.

It simply says these kids to go to college for a one-year showcase of their talents, and then it is bye-bye, baby! That's the whole mind set and I am concerned about that.

I thought the NCAA guide talked about student-athletes. It was supposed to be about youngsters in need of and desiring that college education.

Let's be real ... this is a joke.

Kids like Rose and Beasley should never be denied the opportunity to go right to the pros out of high school if they are ready. The same for a Brandon Jennings, who now says he may go overseas if he doesn't make his scores. That decision to go to Europe would supercede the prior decision to attend Arizona.

It is not about studying, it is all about shooting jump shots!

Why should he be forced to go to Europe. We allow kids in hockey, baseball to play at a young age. Why not allow it in basketball, why deny that opportunity? If it is their passion, let them give it a shot.

College is not for everyone. There are a lot of beautiful people who made a living learning a trade. College is supposed to be for those who want the education and to grow. It is for those who utilize their athletic ability to mature and meet the contacts that could help them professionally if their basketball career doesn't work out.

Oh well, I rest my case. If anyone things this is not a fraudulent situation, we simply disagree.

I am looking forward to Thursday night ... let the fun begin!