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ESPN's Dick Vitale reports that Tommy Amaker is Michigan-bound.
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ESPN's Dick Vitale answers the immediate questions that arise with Tommy Amaker's move to Michigan.
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Michigan decision a tough one for Amaker


MINNEAPOLIS -- Tommy Amaker had a tough, emotional meeting with his Seton Hall players, according to sources. He stressed how much he cared about them and loved them, but Michigan made him an offer that was too tough to resist.

One word epitomizes Tommy Amaker: class.
Amaker will become Michigan's new head coach and has accepted a five-year contract. As I stated over a month ago, Amaker was No. 1 on Michigan's list. I'm not shocked that athletics director Bill Martin made Amaker his choice.

What delayed the process was the arrival of Rick Pitino into the equation. When Pitino resigned from the Boston Celtics, it opened a new scenario for Michigan. Pitino, as a superstar coach, was wanted by everyone.

Pitino gave great consideration to Michigan and was impressed with Martin's efforts to sell Michigan basketball, but Pitino's familiarity with Louisville and his wife's love for the city made him decide to take over the proud Louisville program. He also felt very comfortable with athletics director Tom Jurich.

Michigan then continued its intense search. Ultimately, after scrutinizing and evaluating many candidates, the school came to the conclusion that Amaker was the choice. He will bring a great deal of basketball know-how. The winning mentality that he developed as a Duke player and assistant coach and as a head coach at Seton Hall will be a vital factor in helping Michigan return to glory.

He is a super choice for Martin and the Wolverines. One word epitomizes Amaker: class.

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