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New Orleans a great place for Final Four


The Superdome in New Orleans is a great venue for a Final Four.

It's Fun City, USA. Bourbon Street will be rocking as the contingents from Marquette, Kansas, Syracuse and Texas hit the streets. Yes, the Big 12 will be mighty proud -- for the second year in a row, it can stake claim as the best in the land by placing a pair of teams in the Final Four.

Is this the year the Big 12 walks away with the gold trophy?

There will be celebrations galore, and it will be showtime. It's fun to mingle with all the beautiful people. The Southern weather is beautiful, and it's all one big party!

What makes it so special and unique in New Orleans is that everything is within walking distance. The hotels, the shops, the venues, our studios with all the fans around. It's a blast, baby!

Fans from the visiting teams are tourists who enjoy all the activities leading up to the semifinal games on Saturday. There always so many things to do, from Hoop City to special events.

Monday will be special because it's the championship game and because, this year, the Basketball Hall of Fame will announce its newest class down in the Big Easy.

The enthusiasm, the excitement of the Final Four is so special. I love the environment -- there is nothing like it. It will be awesome with a capital A ... it will be super, scintillating and sensational!

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