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Determination, enthusiasm will serve Floyd well


I know some people had to be surprised with the announcement of Tim Floyd as the new head coach of the New Orleans Hornets. After all, his record in his first pro stint was 49-190 in just over three seasons with the Chicago Bulls.

Tim Floyd
Tim Floyd is a good coach who had no chance in his three years in Chicago.
Are you serious? A look at those numbers says he wasn't able to make the transition from the college ranks to the NBA, but hold on, my friends. Don't be too harsh or critical, because Floyd had no shot to succeed in Chicago.

That Bulls roster could have been challenged by some of the top college teams. I'm only joking when I say that, but there was no way he could compete to get to the winner's circle regularly with the group that was assembled there. It was nightmarish at best in Chicago.

Floyd can communicate with his players, understands people, knows the game and has a passion for it. And he is in his home territory, where he had great success at the University of New Orleans.

I think it was a smart move to give him a chance because his enthusiasm and drive will be incredible. Floyd will want to prove to all of the naysayers that he can make it and get the job done. He's had time to learn from prior experiences and that will also help.

But the main criteria for judging will be wins and losses, because this Hornets team is talented with Baron Davis and Jamal Mashburn leading the way. Floyd will have to have a successful tenure and that means going beyond the first round of the NBA playoffs, based on what Paul Silas accomplished during his tenure with the franchise.

Following Silas is not an easy task, but I believe Floyd is ready for the challenge. I believe his passion and dedication to the game will make a difference.

I salute the hiring of Floyd by the Hornets.

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