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Prep star Sebastian Telfair weighs options


Oct. 3
There's plenty of excitement at Louisville following the recent visit of Sebastian Telfair -- that's right, Mr. Excitement from New York City, a high-school star with unbelievable skills and talent on the perimeter.

Sebastian Telfair
Some are saying that the super-sensational scholastic star from Brooklyn may head right to the NBA. Oh, I hope it isn't true, baby! I really hope he gives it a shot to play on the collegiate level and gets to play in a big-time program, whether it's at Louisville or elsewhere.

I hope Telfair decides to take his talents to college, where he can develop more physically. Not everyone can be like Cleveland Cavaliers rookie LeBron James, the NBA's No. 1 overall pick in 2003. At 6-8 and 240 pounds, James had an NBA body and NBA strength even in high school. But the slender Telfair, who reportedly is about 6-0 and 160-plus pounds, would need to get stronger to endure the rigors of an NBA schedule.

According to insiders involved in the recruiting process whom I respect (including Bob Gibbons), this kid has magnificent ball-handling skills as well as the ability to penetrate and score. He will be a vital factor wherever he goes, an instant-impact diaper dandy.

The big question ultimately will be whether he opts for the NBA or goes to college. Will his ego get in the way and lead him away from the college campus? At the college level, he could develop and work at getting stronger physically, mentally and emotionally before making a splash at the pro level.

All he has to do is look at what college did for the development of a guy like point guard T.J. Ford, a first-round pick of the Milwaukee Bucks and the 2002-03 national player of the year in many camps.

Ford gained valuable winning experience at Texas, learning good shot selection, understanding when to make the special pass, doing the little things it takes to become a complete player. Being in a big-time program with outstanding coaching is a tremendous help .

You'd better believe Louisville fans are hoping and praying that Telfair decides to call coach Rick Pitino and say he's going to put on the Cardinal uniform. And you can be sure there are plenty of other schools hoping and praying he says no to Louisville and decides to go to their school. Telfair is in the position to go wherever he wants.

Wow, I only wish I had that situation when I was a youngster. Telfair is in dream land, baby!

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