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Mike and Mike: Dickie V gives his April 4 Stock Watch report.

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Illini, UNC for championship


April 4, 2005 | Dick's Stock Watch provides a fast-glance review of the past week in the world of sports, charting whose stock is up and whose is down ...

Illinois and North Carolina — Congrats on making the national final. It was a great game that gave us the top two teams of the country meeting in the Big Game, baby! I just wish college football would get its act together and get a playoff going.

Baylor and Michigan State — Two of the greatest comebacks in women's Final Four history with Michigan State coming back from a 16-point deficit, and Baylor came back from a 15-point deficit. This should be a great final game.

New York Yankees — They looked very strong as they beat the Boston Red Sox in the season opener.

Golden State Warriors — The Warriors are very hot lately – with an 8-2 record over the last 10 games.

Alex Sanchez — The Tampa Bay Devil Rays' outfielder was the first player suspended for violating MLB's new drug policy.

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe, Kobe, Kobe and the Lakers were disappointing again last night, and it looks as though they are going to miss the playoffs.

Rafael Nadal — It was collapse city as Nadal allowed Roger Federer to rally after Nadal was up two sets. Nadal didn't close the match out, and Federer came back for the big win.

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