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Annmarie Sairrino

(Future Interests: I want to be a screenwriter and ultimately produce, direct and star in a few of my films, with a guest appearance from Charles Porter, hair and make-up by Kerri and choreographed by Kristin!)

What is your favorite sport? To play - soccer - I was pretty good in gym class! To watch - Baseball (only when the Yankees are playing though!)

Favorite team? NY YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite athlete? Derek Jeter, xoxoxox…but Kobe Bryant is amazing

Your greatest athletic achievement (could be getting up to use the remote control)? Winning the 400 m dash in 8th grade.

Pet Peeves People chewing with their mouths open, people who don't admit when their wrong, and slow drivers.

Why should we root for you? Because I am the underdog! No, actually because I have a good heart and I have the most to learn from this experience. I want nothing but the best for my team, not necessarily just for myself.

Why will we root against you? Because I put my foot in my mouth sometimes…and I possess only a general amount of sports knowledge. The latter will be obvious!

When you saw the list of tasks, which did you think would be the easiest? For some reason the 10-meter cannonball dive seemed easily attainable and possible. I don't think we took the pain factor into consideration.

Which did you think you had no chance of doing? Ice fishing. It just seemed like we wouldn't be anywhere where the weather would be cold enough - nor did we want to be!

Halfway through the game, if you were offered a toothbrush, a ham sandwich or a clean pair of undies, which would you take? Food was never really a problem for us, and we were lucky to have great house hook-ups with washer/dryers, so I'd definitely say toothbrush...hands down. Not enough can be said about good oral hygiene.

What is the hardest part of this show? Besides having a strong sense of detachment from anything normal? The hardest part was realizing when it was over that I wouldn't get to see my amazing teammates every day. I love them so much!

What comfort did you miss the most? I missed my big feather bed.

Most embarrassing moment of your life (not of this show)? Yeah right! I'm not answering this! Nice try!

Which of your character traits is most likely to get you in trouble during the game? I think the general consensus would be my bad jokes about Kerri.

Do you expect to get a lot more dates after this show? Why? I might have to get those restraining orders ready. Just kidding...I guess I might get recognized more by guys since it's ESPN.

What have you done in your life that you would compare this experience to? Since this was a "last minute" sort of experience, I'd say the way I came out to Los Angeles for a vacation and I decided to stay.

Of begging, borrowing and dealing, which is your strong suit? Begging, it definitely humbles you.

Do you have any hobbies - what do you do with your spare time? I write and paint and I compulsively buy cds and dvds...especially anything 80s. And I am mysteriously drawn to Karaoke.

Favorite TV show (Sucking up to ESPN is allowed but not encouraged) Sex and the City and Seinfeld.

What's the longest you've ever gone without eating? One day…my bad attitude was affecting too many people around me!
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